Star Codes
Last Number Redial
Automatic Recall
Last Caller ID Erasure
Automatic Callback
Line Identification
Phone Support

Call Manager

Easy Call Manager
Call Jump

Caller ID

Calling Number Delivery
Calling Name Delivery
Calling Number Delivery Blocking
Number and Name Delivery over IP
Phone Support

Call Hold

Call Hold
Music on Hold
Phone Support

Multiple Line and Call

Multiple Lines
Multiple Call Appearances
Simultaneous Ring
Call Forking
Shared Line Appearance
Call Admission Control
Phone Support

Call Transfer

Attended Call Transfer
Unattended Call Transfer
3-Way Call Transfer
Transfer to Voicemail
One Touch Call Transfer
Phone Support

Hunt Group

Multiple Appearance Directory Numbers
Multi Line Hunt Groups
Multi Line Hunt Groups Login/Logout
Multi Line Hunt Group and MADN Statistics
Phone Support

Attendant Console

Hard Attendant Console
Soft Attendant Console
Phone Support


3-Way Calling
Meet-Me Conferencing
Phone Support

Call Waiting

Calling Waiting
Cancel Call Waiting
Phone Support

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding Unconditional
Call Forwarding Busy
Call Forwarding No Answer
Call Forwarding Selective
Call Forwarding Ringsplash
Call Forwarding Remote Access
Call Forwarding On Unavailable
Find Me Follow Me
Phone Support

Unified Messaging

Voicemail / Faxmail Access
Audible Message Waiting Indicator
Visual Message Waiting Indicator
Voicemail Personal Greetings and Name Recording
Voice and Fax Messages to Email
Phone Support

Outgoing Call Management

Validated Account Codes
Unvalidated Account Codes
Outgoing Call Blocking
Service Suspension
Calling Card

Incoming Call Management

Easy Attendant
Premium Attendant
Do Not Disturb
Selective Call Acceptance
Individual Incoming Call Rejection
Individual Incoming Call Forwarding
Selective Call Rejection
Phone Support

Busy Lamp Field

Busy Lamp Field
Busy Lamp Field w/Pickup
Busy Lamp Field w/Call Transfer
Phone Support

Reminder Call

Reminder Calls
Recurring Reminder Calls
Phone Support


Priority Call
Group Priority Call
Outgoing Priority Call
Phone Support


Direct Inward Dialing
Configurable Dial-Plans
Assume 9 Dialing
Intercom Codes
Short Codes
Speed Dials
Speed Dials w/Call Transfer
Phone Support

Call Park

Basic Call Park
Basic Parked Call Retrieve
Enhanced Call Park
Enhanced Park Orbit Monitoring
Enhanced Park Call Retrieve
Phone Support

Call Pickup

Group Call Pickup
Directed Call Pickup
Phone Support


Push to Talk
Phone Support

Mobile Business

Incoming Call Manager
Easy Call Manager
Call Jump

Remote and Mobile Working

Remote Workers
Phone Support

PBX Integration

Common Phone Plan
Phone Support

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