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Managing business growth, cash flow and ever changing technology can seem impossible.  The more your company grows, the more IT resources you need. But how do you keep up with your IT needs without taking resources away from the very activities you need to grow your business?

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DataServe Application Hosting from Evolve Cloud Solutions gives you the mission-critical applications you need on a flexible, hosted model. More importantly, that means you pay only for the capacity you need, as you need it – without additional investment in servers, data centers or extra personnel.
Evolve Cloud Solutions provides companies with the built-in control, resiliency and security of an enterprise-class computing environment coupled with the cost efficiency, scalability and flexibility associated with cloud computing.

Evolve Cloud Computing Benefits

  • Quick & Efficient Implementation:  Get up and running quickly
  • Simplicity: Replace multiple on-site servers, support, upgrades and backup with a simple cloud server.
  • Economics: Predictable, lower total cost
  • Productivity: Users can gain secure access to applications from any location, while administrators can manage from a centralized location.
  • Scalability: Scale your technology needs to your business needs
  • Performance: Apply computing power to servers “virtually” to improve application performance and enjoy access to limitless bandwidth options.
  • Security: Physical and Virtual security are no longer your issue. Evolve’s Cloud Solutions enable you leverage the power of the cloud without the risk.
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